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Welcome to Achieve Dental Assistant School

Achieve Dental Assistant School, Inc. embraces a progressive method of teaching dentalassisting in a rapid, organized manner that is easy to master. Our proven methods and curriculum provide a learning approach that enables greater long-term comprehension and well-rounded exposure. During our 11 week course, you will be in an actual practicing dental officeworking hands on the very first day! There are other programs to choose from, but why would you want to pay more and enroll in a 6-12 month program only to sit in a classroom for the first 4 months? At Achieve Dental Assistant School you will receive intensive clinical instruction & theory that will better prepare you for a rewarding career. Upon successful completion of our course, you will be awarded a Certificate in Dental Assisting. Your new job will always be in demand and your skills can be utilized no matter where you might move.

We offer individual instruction—the only school that offers a student to instructor ratio of 1:1!

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  1. To help people?
  2. To work flexible hours?
  3. To work in a professional office?
  4. A career in Dental Assisting?
If you answer YES, then let us help you Achieve your goals.